Current Areas of Focus:
  1. The Dosing Project™ – Establishing evidence-based dosing for Cannabis flower and products derived from analyses of crowd sourced patient responses

  2. Chemotype-based Cultivar Selection for Health & Disease - Determining which plant strains work with which medical diagnosis

  3. Sampling Guidelines for Product Analyses - Recommendations on how to sample cannabis plant and products for quality assurance

  4. Formulation Guidelines for Processed Product Development - Consultations on how to best create your cannabis product

Who should join?


Cannabis Growers & Processors:

Benefit from information reported in all of the above focus areas


Cannabis Health Care Providers & Patients:

Benefit from information reported in 1 and 2 of the above focus areas

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  • Become a General Member: ($500 per year)

    • Receive reports on Cannabis product cultivation, manufacturing and medical efficacy.

    • Receive access to CESC general research results and conclusions 90 days prior to general publication.

    • Receive one hour orientation and yearly consultation with CESC Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Political Science expert.


  • Become a Sponsoring Member: ($5000 per year)

    • Sponsor research and development for specific products

    • Receive reports detailing results and conclusions for your specific product  [Discounted T&M consultation rates will be applied]

    • CESC coordinate clinical research organization and product distribution for study with MediCann

    • Study conclusions will be submitted to peer reviewed publications


  • All members benefit from:

    • Webinars, Symposia and Conferences –produced by The CESC

    • Sponsorship recognition on our website

    • Social Media access linked to The CESC


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Planned Release Schedule of CESC Quarterly Reports for 2017


  • End 1Q 2017:  Cannabis Flower Sampling Recommendations Derived from Analyses of Cannabinoid  and Terpenoid Variance in Test Plots

  • End 2Q 2017:  A Simplified Chemotyping Scheme for Optimal Medical Cannabis Strain Selection

  • End 3Q 2017:  Further Insights into the Patient Medical Cannabis Evaluation

  • End 4Q 2017:  Preliminary Conclusions from the Launch of The Dosing Project™

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