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John Abrams, Ph.D., Chairman, CSO


John S. Abrams, PhD. has over 40 years of experience in the Biotechnology Industry, including several decades of senior executive science leadership (DNAX Research Institute / Schering-Plough).  He holds a BA degree in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, and a PhD in Biochemistry from McGill University. Dr. Abrams has authored over 100 scientific publications and holds over a dozen issued patents. His extensive experience with early research program design, implementation, and team creation leads CESC in its investigation of cannabis for medical applications.

Stephen McCamman,
Founding Board Member


Stephen McCamman has spent 10-years in the medical cannabis industry. He is a former professor of political science drawn to the social, health and political implications of the developing medical cannabis industry.  Professor McCamman is owner/operator of CBD Wellness; a company focusing on integrating cannabinoid therapeutics into complimentary and alternative healing practices.

Jean Talleyrand, M.D.,
Vice-Chairman, CMO


Jean Talleyrand, M.D.has explored complementary and alternative treatments with his patients as a Family Medicine physician for 20 years. He received a BA in Biology from Brown Universtiy and and an MD from Boston University Schoolof Medicine.  In 2004, he joined the medical cannabis movement by founding MediCann.  Since, MediCann has provided medical cannabis evaluations to over 280,000 patients throughtout California.  Dr. Talleyrand's role is to oversee CESC's clinical protocols with the hope of elucidating the optimal way to use cannabis as medicine.

Nancy Netherland,
Funding and Development


Nancy Netherland spent the early years of her career as an art therapist working in hospital and community health settings.  In 2004 she founded Netherland and Associates, a consulting service offering grant writing, data analysis, marketing and business planning to public and community health centers.  Ms. Netherland has recently accepted the position of CEO of MediCann, a company serving the field as a medical cannabis intermediary.

Emanuele Tozzato,
Information Technology


Italian born and raised, Emanule Tozzato is captivated with the mainstream resurgence of Cannabis. Mr. Tozzato is a software artisan alumni at Sony PlayStation and Founder/CTO of 42⁺0 Technologies, a cannabis industry technology incubator, accelerator and purveyor of the finest software. Whether it's a commercial SAAS or an open source project, he's enthusiastic and committed to bringing to life the most elegant and efficient information systems to streamline and optimize extensive and minute business methods. 



In the past half century, one of the most exciting frontiers in the life sciences is Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  Mechoulam’s compelling discovery about the pervasiveness and impacts of the ECS on human life has created an opportunity for advancing an evidence base and a field of knowledge in this relatively unexplored area. The implications for the medical field are unprecedented.  The Clinical Endocannabinoid System Consortium (CESC) is a response to the need to develop a deeper understanding of the ECS and apply that knowledge to clinical practice and to contribute to the emerging public health dialogue about the role of Cannabis in healthcare.

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