What are the issues ? 
  • As Cannabis transitions into a legitimate market, increasing scrutiny reveals a marketing facade. 

  • Poor categorizations and dosage discrepancies may lead the consumer to purchase unvalidated products.  

  • Cannabis presents a “botanical conundrum” of multiple and variable active ingredients.  As a result, there is trial-and-error Cannabis consumption without accumulated knowledge. 

Why is Cannabis science important?   
  • Cannabis users and medical patients, alike, report successful experiences.  

  • Unstudied effects and adverse events generate government hesitancy and labile Cannabis trade prices.  

  • The Cannabis market maintains position in illegal trade in order to stabilize a turbulent transition.

  • The Dosing Project - Translating crowd-sourced data into an analysis of botanical dose-effect relationships

  • Nomenclature Initiative - Establishing Cannabis standards for world-wide trade and collaboration 

  • Clinical Correlates:  Mood and qEEG - Investigating acute mood and cognitive effects of  various cultivars from Cannabis inhalation

  • Clinical Correlates: Immunity - Defining immunological role of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS)

  • Agronomy Initiative - Comparing cultivation standards in Cannabis Appellations


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CESC Research aims to set industry benchmarks in various areas. 


  • Advancing the understanding of the active constituents in different Cannabis cultivars and manufactured products.

  • Understanding the therapeutic potential of Cannabis for certain health conditions, as well as the adverse effects of exposure to these ingredients.

  • Optimising production processes in order to improve yields and minimise costs.

  • Creating new and innovative products that will better meet consumers’ needs 

  • Developing safer dosing methods for more precise Cannabis administration.

  • Developing  evidence-based practices that may give more confidence to physicians on Cannabis safety and efficacy.

  • Cannabis innovation may drive new approaches in the extraction processes, allowing a higher and more precise yield of raw material.