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What are the issues ? 
  • As Cannabis transitions into a legitimate market, increasing scrutiny reveals a marketing facade. 

  • Poor categorizations and dosage discrepancies may lead the consumer to purchase unvalidated products.  

  • Cannabis presents a “botanical conundrum” of multiple and variable active ingredients.  As a result, there is trial-and-error Cannabis consumption without accumulated knowledge. 

Why is Cannabis science important?   
  • Cannabis users and medical patients, alike, report successful experiences.  

  • Unstudied effects and adverse events generate government hesitancy and labile Cannabis trade prices.  

  • The Cannabis market maintains position in illegal trade in order to stabilize a turbulent transition.

Scientific Validation of Community-Accessible Cannabis Products.

Agronomy Initiative - Developing data driven cultivation methodology and crop standardization using Onset HOBO data loggers to monitor and assess all aspects of cultivation and processing. Exploration of regional quality markers in product chemistry to validate or reject historically notorious cultivation regions.  


Director of Agronomy and Lead Botanist


Nomenclature Initiative - Characterization and Categorization of Cannabis products has important in implications in clinical and lifestyle outcomes. This initiative contributes to Cannabis product standards for world-wide trade and collaboration. 


Partner: 8th Revolution

The Dosing Project - Observational studies have an immediate impact in predicting the safety and efficacy of community accessible Cannabis products. This initiative crowd sources data from current Cannabis users which translates into a foundational analysis of botanical dose-effect relationships.


Partners: MediCann, & Divergence Neuro

The Cannabis Mind - Current debate on the psychoactive and non-psychoactive properties of Cannabis sativa L. requires addressing the acute mood-altering and cognitive effects after Cannabis use. Using objective and subjective scales, this initiative pursues a broader and more detailed understanding of the Cannabis Mind.


Partners: NeuroMeditation Institute & MediCann

Clinical Correlates: Immunity - Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoids mitigate immune and inflammatory influences.  This initiative develops bioassays to define immunological role of Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) .


Partner: Abrams BioConsulting


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CESC Research aims to set industry benchmarks in various areas. 


  • Identifying the active constituents in distinct Cannabis cultivars and manufactured products.

  • Understanding the therapeutic potential of Cannabis for certain health conditions, as well as the adverse effects of exposure to these ingredients.

  • Optimizing production processes in order to improve yields and minimize costs.

  • Creating new and innovative products that better meet consumer needs.

  • Developing dosing parameters for safe and precise Cannabis effects.

  • Instituting evidence-based practices that give confidence to physicians 

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