The Dosing Project™

The Dosing Project™ is a Phase IV Market Surveillance study of botanical product dosage, anticipated effects, and adverse events. Our program creates and curates data for Cannabis manufacturers, government regulators, investors, educators, retailers, and patient advocacy organizations.

“The Dosing Project™ addresses the many-to-many problems intrinsic to the formulation of botanical products.”

Dr. Jean Talleyrand

CESC Co-Founder

What is the Dosing Project™?

Individual consumers commonly engage in trial and error practices in order to discover the correct dosage for novel botanical products.  The Dosing Project™ expedites the process, gathering community -sourced data and identifying predictable botanical dose-effect relationships.

How does it work?

Using an organoleptic characterization combined with certified laboratory analysis, the Dosing Project identifies potential interactive effects between the phytocannabinoids and terpenoids of Cannabis products.  The Dosing Project’s™ initial phase successfully identified effective dosages (mg/kg) for pain and disordered sleep and documented the adverse events from smoked Cannabis flowers.

Go in depth with Dr. John Abrams Ph.D. as he presents the results of The Dosing Project™ Proof-of-Concept (POC)


The Dosing Project™ v.2:

  • Generates Product Batch Analysis

  • Develops Consumer Community

  • Advances Cannabis Product Knowledge

Commercialization Opportunities:

  • Formulation Development

  • Product Validation

  • Community Engagement


The Dosing Project™ evaluates botanical products in a real world setting.  The CESC’s translational approach accelerates the development of botanical drug products.   


The Dosing Project™ is a Phase IV approach to regulated Clinical Trials.

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