The Dosing Project™

The Dosing Project™ is a surveillance study of community-accessible Cannabis products. The study curates data on product associated adverse events and devises dosage parameters for general and specific indications. This project reports on botanical products for manufacturers, government regulators, investors, educators, retailers, patient advocacy groups, and public benefit.

“Our Dosing Project addresses the many-to-many problems intrinsic in validating botanical products and develops solutions for improving  botanical formulations.”

Dr. Jean Talleyrand

CESC Co-Founder

What is the Dosing Project™?

Individual consumers commonly engage in trial and error practices in their search for the correct dosage of novel botanical products.  The Dosing Project™ collates crowd-sources data in order to predict dose-effect relationship and identify adverse events.

How does it work?

The Dosing Project™ combines community derived characterization of Cannabis products with a proprietary algorithm using advanced laboratory analysis.

Dosing Project™ Analysis:

  • provides vetted conclusions on dose-effect  

  • allows for public product comparisons 

  • describes interactive effects between multiple active constituents

  • curates adverse events

Go in depth with Dr. John Abrams Ph.D. as he presents the results of the Dosing Project™ Proof-of-Concept (POC)


Dosing Project™

  • Validates Cannabis Products

  • Develops Consumer Community

  • Expedites Botanical Formulation Development

Commercialization Opportunities

  • Marketing Claims

  • Risk Management

  • Regulatory Standards

  • Investment Decisions

The Dosing Project™ evaluates botanical products in a real world setting. 

The CESC’s translational approach advances the science of botanical drug product development.   


The Dosing Project™ is an IRB approved Clinical Trial

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