The Dosing Project™

Thank you for your interest in participating in our crowd-sourced scientific project. This project is designed to discover accurate cannabis dosing for a wide array of diseases and ailments. We expect many patients will benefit from our efforts in pursuing evidence-based medicine. This brochure will tell you more about who we are, how you can anonymously participate, and what outcomes are expected.

What is the Dosing Project™?

The Dosing Project™ is the flagship program of the CESC, a non- profit organization. The objective of The Dosing Project™ is to capture information from a large number of patients and determine how they respond to specific doses of cannabis products for medical conditions, such as chronic pain and disordered sleep. For a more in depth and technical description of the study design and rationale, CLICK HERE.

Do I qualify?

Your role in this project is actually quite simple. After receiving your medical cannabis recommendation from a MediCann Affiliate doctor or any qualified doctor in your state, you can enroll in the Dosing Project™. We ask that you accurately and truthfully respond to the survey to the best of your ability. Every answer brings us one step closer to determining how cannabis works best as medicine. We thank you in advance for your participation!

How do I join the study?

After you enroll, we will provide you with a way to track your cannabis use and symptoms. Answer a short series of questions through your mobile phone or computer. The questions are regarding what you are using, how you are using and how you feel after medicating. All collected information will be coded to protect your identity. To join the study, CLICK HERE.

Can I see the results?

At the end of each response session, our Dosing Calculator will present information on dosage for the response you just concluded. The Dosing Project™ will collate and analyze your answers. We will determine which dose works best for which ailments. As statistically significant patterns emerge, the CESC will provide HIPAA protected information to patients, physicians, sponsors and the general public using web-based and other media presentations.  

Go in depth with John Abrams Ph.D. on the results of The Dosing Project™ and cannabis chemotyping analyses on products:

Join the Study

Shape the way we understand and guide patients towards health and the best use of the cannabis plant.

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