Endocannabinoid System
A Medical Cannabis Study

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The Dosing Project

The Dosing Project is CESC's first scientific endeavor.  The study is open to participants using medical cannabis for pain and sleep. Our ultimate goal is to determine optimum doses of cannabis and related products for multiple medical symptoms and conditions.

About Us

The unfolding historic events and recent discoveries have lead a group of scientists, medical doctors and other health care providers to form a non-profit organization, CESC,in order to better understand the Endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoids and related molecules interact with the physiological system.


The CESC invites cannabis industry members and the general public to sponsor our investigations into the Endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis products and their efficacy.  As a CESC sponsor you will have a direct relationship with CESC with access to research, developement, production, study and analysis of efficacy.

Support Our Research
Become a Member or Sponsor of the Consortium
  • Receive reports on Cannabis product cultivation, manufacturing and medical efficacy.

  • Receive access to CESC general research results and conclusions 90 days prior to general publication.

  • Receive one hour orientation and yearly consultation with CESC Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Political Science expert.

  • Cannabis Product entry onto MediCann Formulary includes tier evaluation.

  • Research and development for specific products

    • A) Formulation Development

    • B) Regulatory Compliance

    • C) Clinical Study/Trial Design (The Dosing Project)

    • D) Pharmaco-Economic Evaluation

  • Patient recruitment and product distribution for study with MediCann

  • Receive reports detailing study results and conclusions for your specific product 

  • Study conclusions will be submitted to peer reviewed publications


Our mission is to advance the understanding of the Endocannabinoid System, and establish best clinical practices.  Research and publications represent the analysis and product of our work.


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