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De-convoluting multi-agent Cannabis pharmacology

I’m a big fan of Cannabis. As a physician, I’ve been evaluating Cannabis consumers for 20 years. I’ve seen more than my share of beneficial outcomes. However, there is no question that there are liabilities to Cannabis use, especially as the industry grows. To those who insist that Cannabis products are safe, I propose that even something as inert Baby powder has liabilities

  • Cannabis products lacks FDA oversight

  • Cannabis consumer dosage occurs through trial and error

  • Over 3000 brands have marketed CBD without validation

  • Over 700 Cannabis flowers are named without validation

  • New Cannabis products have additives, fillers, and bases

  • Cannabis product safety surveillance studies are not required by government regulatory bodies

Our work involves community sourced data to characterize, categorize, stratify and correlate products to therapeutic dosage and adverse events.


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